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Types of lamps

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are very important for two reasons: not only are they the main source of light in most rooms, but they also set the entire tone of your space. These types of fixtures provide functional lighting so you can see clearly, but they also create highlights, shadows, personality and character. All of this means that choosing the right ceiling lights is an essential part of your interior design and home style.

The main types of lamps

If you are looking for ceiling lights for the living room, you can choose something ornate and traditional or chic and modern depending on your interior. The electricity consumption of each fixture varies depending on the number of bulbs used in each fixture. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to find the perfect chandelier for your home!

Recessed ceiling lights are those that hang close to the ceiling and attract minimal attention while illuminating a large area. These lights are ideal for homes with low ceilings, and can also be a good choice if you have children or pets at home who are attracted to pendant lights. In addition, such lighting can be used in any room, regardless of furniture and height.

These lights, a combination of chandeliers and recessed lights, hang approximately 10-20 cm from the ceiling. This type of ceiling light is ideal when you don’t have the required height for a chandelier, but you want a unique light that can stand out in the overall interior design.

Similar to a chandelier, a pendant light hangs low as one main light source. Such lamps create a focused light source that can be bright or dim, depending on the mood. You can choose from small or large sizes and choose the shape and material of the lamp. If it seems that one light bulb is not enough, you can choose a group of lights that add charm to the space.

It’s a popular choice when you need to highlight a picture or other accents in your home. Linear lights add a decorative atmosphere to a certain part of your indoor interior. They are perfect for the living room and hallways to bring out the beauty of your interior design accents. If you want to highlight a specific part of your space, we recommend choosing these lamps.

Recessed lights are usually installed in cavities in the ceiling. In this case, when they are turned on, the light is concentrated at a certain point or more diffused, depending on the choice. Since the light source is not visible, this lamp becomes a softer lighting solution for your interior.

Luminaires are installed in the ceiling recesses, illuminating both the adjacent walls and the ceiling. Such ceiling lights usually provide soft and diffused lighting.

Types of lamps

Wall lamps

Wall lamps are both functional and stylish elements of your interior, providing plenty of light. Wall lamps are characterized by their versatility. From reading lights to mirror lighting, from subtle interior accent lighting to room lighting, they can fulfill a variety of lighting functions.

The main types of lamps

Candle lights come in a variety of designs and styles, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that complements your interior. Most of this type of light fixture can use a variety of light sources, including LED bulbs.

Floor lamps are available in a variety of styles. Their complex design can add uniqueness even to a boring room. Although these types of lamps are usually quite ornate, it is not difficult to find more common, classic design options. This type of lighting is considered space-saving as it can be installed in place of traditional lighting solutions without taking up as much space.

This type of lighting is durable and versatile, so it can be installed in many places. Because of their unique appearance, they are visually more appropriate in older homes and buildings. With so many different styles to choose from, you’ll be able to easily find the one that perfectly suits your interior.

Due to its unique space-saving design, this type of luminaire is perfect for smaller houses and apartments with minimal artificial or natural lighting. Luminaires with a lever are perfect above the bedside tables in the bedroom, as well as above the beds. In other words, they are suitable where a concentrated amount of light is needed for a short time. These fixtures generally cannot offer a large light spread, so they may not be the best choice for areas that require a lot of light.

The light beam of these lamps can be directed upwards or downwards. There are also options that shine up and down. These fixtures are designed to direct an equal amount of light in one or both directions. Due to its versatility and balanced lighting, this lamp design is well suited to almost any interior where additional coziness needs to be created.

Types of lamps

Floor lamps

Floor lamps not only perform the function of a light source in the room, but also fill large spaces well with little furniture. Due to their size, for example, floor lamps are an excellent decorative lighting solution that can be used for various purposes, such as lighting a reading area or lighting next to a sofa, armchairs. Empty, unbuilt spaces in the corners of the room are a great place for such lamps.

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The main types of lamps

The most popular type of floor lamp consists of a base, a straight arm and a shaded lamp holder. This classic style often comes in a variety of fabric patterns and hues and provides the desired tone of ambient lighting.

A functional and decorative lamp consisting of a base with a curved arm. These are tall lamps that can be used as reading lighting or where other types of lamps do not achieve the desired result.

These lamps consist of three legs and a hood. They are decorative and functional, suitable for many interior styles from modern to classic.

Traditional floor lamps cannot be adjusted so that the light emitted by them always reaches the desired place. Adjustable floor lamps allow you to comfortably and easily adjust the height and angle of the light fall, so that the lighting is always suitable, according to individual needs.

Types of lamps

Table lamps

You can liven up any interior with table lamps. From bedside tables to office desks and reading lamps, the wide range of these lamps includes a wide range of styles to complement any interior, while providing comfortable and functional lighting throughout the year.

The main types of lamps

Often used on small tables, these lamps are popular in classic-style homes. They are interesting because of their slim design with a narrow stand and a smaller hood.

These lights are used to create atmosphere and draw attention to a specific object in a common space. They can fill empty spaces and serve as a targeted lighting accent to the general lighting. These types of lamps come in many shapes and sizes, from exquisite designs to traditional table lamps.

This type of lamp has an inverted hood that directs the light upwards. These lamps are reminiscent of an ancient torch, making them a very tasteful element of interior design.

The latest type of modern lamps that have the ability to be adjusted remotely. A smartphone with a special app is usually used for regulation. The lamps can not only be turned on and off, but also change the lighting intensity and colors.