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After choosing new lights, it is necessary to install them correctly so that they work properly but last for a long time. You can always try to install the lights yourself, but if you doubt whether you will be able to do everything correctly, our team of professionals is ready to help you. We will arrange a convenient time for you, we will arrive and install everything in a professional and high-quality manner in the place of your choice. When performing work, we adhere to the highest work safety and quality requirements, so you can be sure that the lamps will work properly and reliably.

Our team of professional installers will arrive at the right place at a time convenient for you and will install new lighting fixtures.

If for some reason the lights have stopped working properly, we will come at a time convenient for you and carry out the repair work.

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Design work


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Regardless of whether you already have a vision of your lighting arrangement or you are still looking for the most suitable solution, we will help you with responsible and important design work. Properly performed these works are especially important for safety, proper layout and compliance with the required standards. Our specialists will perform these works professionally, following the latest and strictest requirements.


As in many construction works, the implementation of visions and ideas begins with design. Our specialists will advise you and show you the possible ways of installing and connecting the lights. After this, we will prepare all the necessary documents so that the entire lighting system is in order and meets the strictest requirements of security and lighting standards.

We will perform all the necessary calculation and measurement work so that all raw materials are used as effectively and purposefully as possible when installing lighting. We will also provide information and recommendations on where and what intensity of lighting should be used.